The board of CIAcademy believes that by providing a learning environment that supports their cultural and second language needs, international students will be better prepared to challenge the requirements of the High School Alberta Program of Studies and earn enough credits to achieve a Canadian high school diploma, making them eligible to apply to Canadian Universities. In a culturally sensitive environment, where teachers and learners are expected to share responsibility for the learning processes, perseverance, integrity and mutual respect are the core values that are promoted to prepare the students post-secondary education and lifelong relationship with learning.


The academy strives to become a center of academic excellence, offering core Alberta high school courses, and a variety of CTS, Fine Arts and ESL courses to international students. The teachers at CIAcademy create meaningful relationships with every student that reward excellence, stress self-discipline and create high expectations to support their transition to the Alberta post-secondary education system.

Our Mission

Commonwealth International Academy is a private day coeducational high school located in Edmonton, Alberta. The academy offers education in Grades 1-12. The mission of the academy is to provide excellence in learning for international students newly arrived in Canada. The Academy is committed to providing a safe and caring learning environment for students that focuses on teaching and active learning, based on the province of Alberta Program of Studies, to support their successful transition into higher education in Canada. CIAcademy will endeavour to be a learning community where each student acquires the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for academic excellence and personal development in a safe and caring learning environment.

Why choose Commonwealth International Academy?

All students that attend CIAcademy receive an outstanding education that is backed by the benefits only offered by private schooling. Some of these benefits that you see at Commonwealth International Academy are:

  • Small class size of 25 students
  • Strong emphasis one-on-one assistance, supervision and interaction from teachers
  • Better resources and consistent investments in educational tools and advancements
  • The best teachers
  • Strong focus on academics
  • Long-standing relationships with community partners in extra-curricular fields such as visual arts, sports, music and
  • Increased post-secondary opportunities
  • Caring and dedicated administrative and support staff
  • Greater emphasis on English language development