The core courses that are offered at CIAcademy are required to complete K-12 education and obtain a high school diploma for the student. These courses include, Social Studies, English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, CALM, ESL English, and Physical Education.Depending on the initial assessment of the student’s academic ability, they will be offered specific courses based on their transcripts, readiness and capability.  


All courses are leveled according to grade level and academic level.

The course name, followed by 10, 20, 30 indicates the grade level that this course is for.

Grade 10 takes -10, Grade 11 takes -20, Grade 12 takes -30

*Students may take a course level that is above their indicated grade level if academic readiness is shown.

Courses for grade levels are specific to academic level as well:

-1 marks the highest academic level for the course, -2 and -3 are the other options for academic levels.

The entire identification of the course could look like the following example:

Ex: English Language Arts 30-2


In order to graduate from the Secondary School program at Commonwealth International Academy you are required to complete the following requirements in order to attain an Alberta High School Diploma.

The requirements below are the minimum requirements for a student to attain an Alberta High School Diploma. Entry into post-secondary institutions and workplaces may require more/additional courses. (Alberta Education)

Students must complete 100 credits including the following:

English Language Arts—30 Level (English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2)

Social Studies—30 Level (Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2)

Mathematics—20 Level (Mathematics 20-2 or Mathematics 20-3)

Science—20 Level (Science 20, Science 24, Biology 20, Chemistry 20 or Physics 20)

Physical Education 10 (3 credits)

Career and Life Management (CALM) (3 Credits)

10 Credits in any combination from:

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Fine Arts courses

Second Language Courses

Physical Education 20 and/or 30

Knowledge and Employability courses

Registered Apprenticeship Program courses

10 credits in any 30-level course (in addition to a 30-level English language arts and a 30 level social studies course specified above).

Further Notes:

for 30 level courses that have a diploma examination, the final course mark consists of a blend of the school-awarded mark (70%) and the diploma examination mark (30%).

Tutoring/IELTS prep/A-Level prep/SAT prep Services

CIAcademy is affiliated with several local groups that can provide additional support services for students, either on campus, or nearby. These supports are available for students to access outside of school hours, and on occasion during their lunch hour. These courses are available for students who wish to expand their understanding or require additional assistance outside of the classroom setting. 

CIAcademy can coordinate one-on-one or group tutoring for students. These services can be scheduled during the day or immediately following school. These services are offered to ensure that all student have the opportunity to access the assistance they require and continue to strive for excellence. Tutoring is available for every subject in the Alberta High School curriculum, and for every course offered at CIAcademy. Contact a member of our team (hyperlink to contact us) for further information about Tutoring Services and how to schedule them.