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The student’s school transcripts will have been assessed before arrival in Edmonton, and a preliminary list of required courses will be established. Once the student arrives in Edmonton, their English levels will be assessed by staff. This evaluation will determine the additional supports that will be made available to students, in order to succeed at CIA and in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

There is no minimum requirement for English language ability to enroll at CIA. Our team of professionals will help you achieve your greatest potential in the English language.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Assessments

ESL Assessments will determine the student’s level of comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. This process is intended to identify areas of support for the student and is essential to the student’s future success at CIA and in Canada. Every effort is made by the staff at CIA to provide a wide range of supports to students in order to guarantee a full and fruitful education.


Alberta High School Credits are required to obtain a High School Diploma. It is possible that some of the courses that the student has taken in his/her home country could be granted Alberta High School Credits. Student Advisors can evaluate the applying student’s previous school transcripts, and determine if any past courses qualify for credits, according to guidelines set out by Alberta Education.


The results of the Academic Assessment will determine the students’ placement, taking into account past schooling, and interviews with CIA staff and advisors. Students will be placed in the appropriate grade level.