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Commonwealth International Academy is located in Edmonton, Alberta. A city of just under 1.4 million residents, in central Alberta. This Western Canadian Province is identified by its prairie region, incredible landscapes, Rocky Mountains, and beautiful national parks.
Located in the heart of Alberta, Edmonton, the capital city, has a population of 1.4 million. The city is multicultural, progressive and beautiful. Alberta is a very ethnically diverse province that welcomes all.
Downtown Edmonton is a bustling and exciting place to live, work or go to school. At the very center of the city, on 100th Street and 100th Avenue, Commonwealth International School in the middle of the busy city center.


The climate in Edmonton varies depending on the year, but we still experience 4 distinct seasons. When school begins in September, Autumn is just beginning. Moderate temperatures, beautiful colors, and falling leaves characterize the outdoors. Autumn is followed by Winter, which usually lasts until March or April. Expect very cold temperatures and a large amount of snow. After the long cold months, the snow and ice melts away in April to May. When all of the slush and snow is gone the warm and beautiful days of Spring start to appear. This enjoyable summer weather lasts until school begins again in September.


Public transportation in Edmonton is simple and convenient. There are buses and a light-rail system which has stops conveniently located right outside the CIA facility. Fares for these services can be paid per use, or students can purchase a monthly pass from the city.
Uber, Taxis and private car services are also available for transportation. Students are responsible for covering all of their transportation costs while living in Edmonton.

What to Bring

Be sure to have all of your required documentation. A Study Visa, Study Permit, and a valid passport are all required for your time spent in Canada. If you require assistance applying for a study visa or permit go to or you can contact our administration team for help.
You also need to bring an appropriate amount of clothing and toiletries. Clothing should be packed according to the weather that Edmonton experiences. Keep in mind that most forgotten necessities can be purchased in a drug store, grocery store, or department store. Pack and be prepared for a crisp and cool autumn, cold winter, wet and rainy spring time, and hot summers.
Personal electronics are also something that you should bring. Laptops, tablets, smartphones etc… are all allowed. The use of these electronics will be limited during school hours. The use of these electronics during school hours will be up to the discretion of the teacher, which is also outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.