CIAcademy provides quality tutoring services. All classes are designed and planned according to Alberta Education's AC, AP and COGITO curriculums. All tutoring teachers are licensed teachers desginated by Alberta Education. We have helped hundreds of students achieve their goals for their Grade 1 to Grade 12 classes. 

Grade 1 - 12 In Person Tutoring Class

The core tutoring courses that are offered at CIAcademy are required to obtain higher marks for the students. These courses include, Social Studies, English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, CALM, ESL English, and Physical Education.

Depending on the initial assessment of the student’s academic ability, they will be offered specific courses based on their transcripts, readiness and capability.  

 K - 12 Online International Tutoring Class

There is a strong focus at CIAcademy to ensure that every student develops an exceptional proficiency in English. The Academy strives to provide the best English Language Proficiency education to every student from international homes. Our team will assess the student’s English speaking, writing and reading levels. Any supports that the student requires can be made available to students while attending classes, as well as outside of school hours. Our results-driven recommendations and supports ensure that students graduating from CIA will have a high level of English competency and will be prepared for further education in Canada. 

English Literacy & Social Study Gr 1 - 12

Many students struggle with English literacy classes.  Our licensed teachers work with students and tailor programs to fit their needs.  English skills are not limited to English classes. Often, students who struggle in English language or literature also struggle in other subjects e.g. Social Study.  

Language Classes

Chinese, Spanish, French & English as the Second Language Classes are offered to students with all levels.  There are two types of classes: Non-Accredited and Accredited Classes.  For Chinese Non-Accredited classes we also offer Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) preparation classes.  For the ESL classes we are offer IELTS preparation classes. 

Math & Coding

We believe kids can long as they are interested in playing video games. For their generation, Coding is a language they have to manage! Our mission is to show kids that they can do cool things with coding and also Math rocks!!!

Chess Club

You never know how focused your kids could be if you don't put them in front of a chese table. Give your kids a chance to show you their tactics and patterns of attack in Chese, Chinese Chese, Go and many other different games. 

Theater & Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears that many must overcome. Research shows that children who sing/dance/act/play their little hearts out are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievemen.

Music Club

We offer the following music classes:

Singing, Piano, Violin, Drum, 

Traditional Chinese Dancing, 

Hip Hop & Break Dance

Art Club

We offer a wide range of arts classes for kids age 5+ including drawing and colligraphy classes. 

Sports Club

Our coaches are experienced in national and internationa leveled competations. Classes include: basketable, badminton, table tennis, soccer, volleybal and Kungfu (Chinese Martial Arts)

Tutoring Schedule